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About us

Founded    in    1961,    JAUDAS    Kunststofftechnik    GmbH    &    Co.    KG,    has continued    to    grow    over    the    years    even    during    times    of    economic depression.    This    has    only    been    possible    due    to    the    virtues    of    the company’s     founder ,      Eugen     Jaudas .      His     strong     commitment     to professional   expertise   and   time   management,   as   well   as   his   heightened sense    of    quality    for    the    customer,    have    been    key    factors    in    the company’s success. Since     JAUDAS     Kunststofftechnik     did     not     have     any     possibility     of expanding   its   business   at   the   original   location,   it   moved   to   a   modern new    building    in    Gewerbegebiet    West    in    Bodelshausen    in    1977 .     The production   area   continued   to   be   expanded   over   the   years   until   reaching its current size of 3,400m² in the year 2000. In 1986 Gustav Jaudas started working as the second generation of this family company, and he made it his mission to learn the business inside and out. When founder Eugen Jaudas decided to retire in 1996, he knew he had found a worthy successor to carry on his legacy, who would commit himself to JAUDAS Kunststofftechnik with the same drive and passion.

Gustav Jaudas

Managemnet Partner

Graduate in Business Management (VWA) and Mechanical Engineering Technician Many years of experience in Manufacturing

Andrea Jaudas

Quality Management


Mechanical Engineering Technician Many years of experience in Quality Management and Manufacturing
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